While taking a screenshot of widget in flutter for mobile, is very easy. But if you tried it on web, you got an error. In this story I’m going to show you how you can create a screenshot with library called html2canvas.

All you need is, to get the coordinates of the widget, and the html2canvas will capture it to image like a PNG. Coordinates can fetch like this:

First create an extension to GlobalKey that can give you coordinates of widget

Now you can add GlobalKey to your widget, and get its coordinates:


I have got a project built with Slim PHP framework. I thought maintain Slim project would be very heavy and slow. I decided using power of Laravel would be great. So I want to introduce you a simple way to use Laravel routes API with old methods of Slim framework.

  1. Old Slim code example. Assume we have one route of sayHello.

2. Than we want use Laravel route to call this method, without change function itself. So create dummy Slim object:

Elihai David Vanunu

PHP Developer

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